Pilgrim’s Journey

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Who knows the order of things, or why life never seems to give us enough time with those we love — human or animal? Time is fleeting, but love is not. It etches moments into our hearts and we are changed forever.

Since many of you shared my joy at adopting Pilgrim on Facebook, I am writing to let you know, that he went to be with the Angels Monday, Dec. 15.

It began with a 105+ fever, and for the past few weeks Pilgrim began to eat less and less, finally eating nothing, but a tiny bit of broth for a week, and even that he could not keep down. He would not play and showed no interest in his toys–he so loved a butterfly that “chirped” (see it in the photo below), a big brown mouse, bouncy balls, foil balls and the laser-mouse.


He endured multiple trips to the vet–and at first, she thought he would not eat because of gingivitis, that it caused his fever, and then later, that it hurt for him to eat. But when I took him in Monday, Dec. 15, because he would not stop throwing up, they did a blood test, and although he had tested negative for leukemia six weeks ago, the test came back positive, and his blood tests also indicated lymphoma–his body was quickly losing its fight.

Those of you who love animals will understand when I say, that our animal friends, like Pilgrim, show many of the traits that we humans should strive for: patience, kindness, unwavering loyalty, the ability to have fun with the little things in life, and unfailing love. And maybe that is why they come to us when we most need them.

My boy, my Wayfarer, has found a journey’s end in Heaven, of that I’m sure, because he was the sweetest cat I’ve ever known, as I wrote on Facebook–he was extraordinary; and I would not trade one second of having him for six short weeks.


I thought I saw him out of the corner of my eye yesterday, a flash of ginger-orange by the piano, here and then gone…

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  1. So very true, Carla! Our animals are our babies, with their personalities and their ever enduring love! My condolences to you for the loss of your dear Pilgrim, and know that he is now playing pain free!


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