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So You Will Not Fall

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Last night, I realized it was the eve of what would have been my Mom and Dad’s 65th wedding anniversary.

The weather was fine leading into September 5, 1954 — like ours is today. Mom would have been getting ready at the parsonage and Dad at the farm.

They had an evening, candlelight ceremony,
and the church was full.

Back in the day, someone did wedding write-ups for the local papers. Given that Mom was a Preacher’s daughter and Dad was from a family of 14 children, there were many interested readers, and a write-up was published in the Hankinson News September 15. Their wedding photo was printed in that same weekly paper on September 23.

You can almost feel the joy the journalist took in doing the “write-up,” and they did a wonderful job. I read it and can feel myself inside the church, watching the nervous groom and waiting for the bride. I feel the love from all those who were in the wedding, and those who helped and attended the service to fulfill the dreams of a young couple in love.

Mom and Dad’s wedding photo — read the full write up below

Mom and Dad did not have an easy life by any means, but they had love and all that comes with it — joy, happiness, babies, stubborn teenagers, arguments, compromises, wins, heartbreak, and they always kept their faith.

While most of my family is notoriously shy about being photographed, I have these photos, a glimpse into Mom and Dad’s lives.

Mom’s birthday party on a hot and stormy July
Sitting: Uncle Butch
In back: Uncle Buddy, Aunt Elaine, Aunt Barb, Uncle Fritz, Bev (my Big Sis), Uncle Harold, and the laughing couple on the end — Mom and Dad
Dad and Mom fishing at Lake Elsie, Hankinson, North Dakota. This was our family’s favorite spot, turn right down a sharp embankment and it was our own little piece of paradise.
Uncle Howard, Aunt Ardis, Aunt Irma, Uncle Bernard, and Mom and Dad in our country farmhouse kitchen.
Howard and Irma were Mom’s siblings. They would visit nearly every summer.
September 5, 1979 – Mom and Dad on their 25th wedding anniversary. So many people turned out for the event at our farm.

L to R: Uncle Harold, Dad’s brother; Uncle Howard, Mom’s brother; Aunt Ardis, Howard’s wife; and Aunt Ethel, Dad’s sister. The lady who made our parents’ wedding cake in 1954 made this cake — Marian Falk.

I hope there are families surrounding their loved ones,
so they will not fall.

Summer 1984 — the year we said goodbye to Dad.

This was family, all gathered for Immanuel Lutheran Church’s anniversary —
our little country church near Lidgerwood, North Dakota.

I’ve always loved this photo because when Dad said he did not want to be photographed in a wheelchair, yet he was too weak to stand, family gathered around him. He is at the center of the photo surrounded by Mom, his brothers and sisters and their spouses — our aunts and uncles.

These days, it seems there are more than enough tragedies to go around. I hope someone, somewhere is gathering on this very evening, celebrating the beginning of their lives together or maybe celebrating 65 years of marriage.

I hope they know what a precious thing a life spent with someone you love should be, can be; and I hope there are families surrounding their loved ones, so they will not fall.


  1. Carla, thank you so much for your beautiful words…I felt as if I was at their wedding! My dear Godparents…I love and miss them so! And to think that they were married on the same day that Bryce was born! I absolutely love that connection!

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  2. Carla, you do your parents proud. Loved the pictures and the paper’s write up — what a treasure! The fishing picture is so sweet — those casual moments caught are often the best.

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