The Goose-couple and the Hare

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A few days ago, I was headed home, out of Fargo, enjoying a day, which had “spring” stamped all over it.

It was near 7 p.m. and as I drove north on this city road, few cars joined me there. The road is, after all, one in the industrial area. There is a canal of sorts on the east side of the road–a ditch actually, created to hold flood waters, which Fargo thankfully didn’t need this year, but the waters were high from melt-off.

There I saw a lovely Goose-couple*.


Apparently they found a spot where they felt safe in a world, which regularly was invaded by noisy traffic, massive gravel and cement trucks, and semis carrying goods to city-folk.

This is not an unusual site by itself, as many geese fly in to Fargo and the surounding areas as they head to northern climes during spring migration and we do have what us Fargoans call geese who are “city-folk.” They stay year-round.

What was unusual on this particular night, was that as I was driving past the goose-couple, they were watching a hare meandering past them.

I can think of no other word to describe the slow hop… I’ll hop…..I think I’ll hop again….. of the giant jackrabbit, browned already in summer’s disguise.

The geese’s heads turned to watch the evening entertainment as surely as we would watch a punk-rocker on a country road.

Perhaps we are not so different from the creatures after all.


* Photo taken of another Goose-couple inside Fargo city limits this spring.

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